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I'm Jennifer, and I'm an Occasional Genealogist... sort of. For over ten years I've been a professional genealogist. I started researching my own family nearly 30 years ago. Like many of you, I started as an Occasional Genealogist. I had to squeeze research in while in school and while working full-time. Then I got my first genealogy job and for awhile, it was genealogy all the time. Now I have two kids. I do other people's genealogy constantly but my own? Coming up with ways to do great genealogy, despite all the interruptions, is now mandatory.
Let's bust your brick wall!
Do you keep going off-track while researching your brick wall? Do you need to find more sources to continue your research? The Brick Wall Solution Roadmap can help.

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The Easy Secret for DNA Success

I have what sometimes feels like a magic-wand for genetic genealogy (using DNA for family history). It's easy and makes a huge difference in being able to use DNA results. What is it? It's family trees for my DNA matches, 100s of matches. In this post I'll share a few of my "secrets" that…

The Truth About Citing Your Sources for Genealogy

Do you know you NEED to cite your sources for genealogy? Well, now you do. But there's a subtle truth people miss about this. The Truth About Source Citations The big "truth" is about the actual citations . You don't need them. You might have read that elsewhere on this blog. I've …

Are Genealogy Forms Getting You Stuck?

There are tons of free genealogy forms available on the internet, and even more paid forms and templates. But these tools can only take you so far. Forms are a great starting point for gathering information about your family history but learn to use them appropriately in this post.

Why Can't I Find Any More Family History?

If you're asking why you can't find more information on your family history, or even wondering if a professional can find more, consider first using this technique critical to all professional genealogists. I wrote the original version of this post for my professional services blog way back before I …