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Simple DNA Project Tracking Form for Evernote

As part of my post "Is DNA the 'Magic Bullet' for OGs," I'm providing another Evernote form for Freebie Friday. This is a super simple form (table) to keep track of a select set of test information. When I say simple, I mean simple. It does not keep track of any DNA information, just identifying information and relationships. I use this as a quick reference for test ids. I also keep a handful of other information I might want to see when deciding who to include and what analysis tool to use.

Part of the reason this is so simple is it is a table, not a spreadsheet. That means it cannot be sorted (i.e. reordered). Most of the tracking you'd want to do related to DNA, even tracking correspondence, would be better done in a spreadsheet or database. Then you can filter and sort and possibly do more, depending on your skills.

Here is how I use this form.

Is DNA the "Magic Bullet" for Occasional Genealogists?

If you've had a genealogical DNA test done, you probably know the answer to this question.
Is DNA the magic bullet for Occasional Genealogists?

I know questions about using DNA are almost always the first thing people ask me when they find out I'm a professional genealogist. Today's post gives you an answer aimed at Occasional Genealogists (OGs).

Right up front, the answer is "no." DNA is not a magic bullet for any type of genealogical problem or for any type of genealogist. It may work wonders for certain problems, but people seem to think it will work like a magic bullet (well, magic sledgehammer) on their brick wall.

You will not spit/swab, send off your sample, receive the results, and suddenly have a solution to all your problems. You'll be lucky if you can get a solution to one problem, and that will only happen if you've done lots of prep work.

DNA results require something to compare them to. The ethnicity results you receive compare your results to a large sample of data. In that case, you don't have to provide the comparison sample. Health information is similar (that is outside of genealogy, so I'm not going into it). Ethnicity results from DNA is a post in itself. If you're interested, start seeking out information online.
DNA results require something to compare them to.

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