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Genealogy Research Plan to Notes Form

For this first Freebie Friday, I'm making a custom research planning form available. This form is only to be used electronically, it won't work if you try and print it. It is based on the plan to notes form I described in yesterday's post about three genealogy shortcuts that aren't cheats.
Simple, customizable electronic form for creating a genealogy research plan and then adapting it to your notes. | The Occasional Genealogist

This form is a Google Docs file with minimal formatting. This should allow you to use it on most devices. You will need to save a copy before you can edit it.

Preparing Genealogy Forms Before Printing

One of the features of this form is a footer with the page number and total number of pages. This is important if you print the completed form (or share it with a research cousin that will print it).

Having both the page number and the total number of pages on genealogy documents helps ensure there aren't questions about whether all pages are present. This isn't usually a problem with electronic files, obviously.

I particularly wanted to mention this because the footer may have issues on some mobile devices. Just remember to have "page x of y" on your completed file if it will be printed. I use a lot of headers and footers on genealogy documents to make sure there isn't confusion if printed pages get separated. I've minimized them on this form for simplicity when sharing.

Additional features

The form is designed for someone that doesn't have a lot of experience planning their research. I've included a number of sections to help guide you.

Copy and paste to duplicate more sources under the planning section and simply hit "enter" where you need more lines. That's why this form is a Google Doc rather than a fillable PDF.

Every goal and source will need a different amount of space which would be difficult with a PDF. Use as much space as you need.

I did not provide any prompts for citation parts. Depending on your experience level you will probably need different prompts. Feel free to adapt your copy by adding citation prompts or other sections you find helpful.

You can also delete unused parts once you finish. You should have moved all of your information from the "Plan" section to one of the other sections.

I'd love to hear your feedback about how the form works for you. Leave a comment below.

A genealogy research plan form you update to be your note-taking form can speed up your research process and help you stay on track. | The Occasional Genealogist

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