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Resource Library

Free genealogy forms and worksheets

What is the Occasional Genealogist Resource Library?

The Occasional Genealogist Resource Library is a collection of downloadable forms, printables, or digital resources.

Downloads aren't just printables or just digital. There's a mix (currently, there are print, digital, Trello templates, and Evernote "templates"). Here's something important, though...

The Resource Library should be a place you can quickly find some helpful resources. It continues to evolve to fit the needs of my subscribers.

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  1. Does your page prefer a particular web browser? I typically use Firefox, but I don't think Evernote likes it. Also, is there a way to convert your very wonderful forms to Word?

    1. Glad you like the forms. I don't know if there is a preference for browsers. For your information, I use Chrome so I see everything in Chrome (I'm the entire IT department on top of everything else so I don't test everything as much as I'd like).
      Since the forms are in all different formats, I leave it up to you to try and convert them to MS Word. I avoid offering them in Word because there's too much difference between versions, installed fonts, customizations, etc. You can "Download as" Google docs to Word and other formats. This will most likely work pretty seamlessly since those forms are kept simple. Evernote forms may not work (and there is a big difference in how they work in Evernote versus in Word and that might be why I created them in Evernote, others are just Evernote alternatives to common forms). You can try cutting and pasting or consider if maybe you just want to use the idea rather than the exact form (to account for differences between Evernote and Word). Anything I created as a PDF I was extra concerned about the formatting so those will probably be difficult to convert.
      You can email me and let me know which forms you'd like in Word and I'll see if it's possible to convert them. Keep in mind, I will share them as a Google doc (you can then download them in whatever format you want), so no point asking about one already in Google doc format. Hope that helps!


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