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Summer 2019 DNA Sales

UPDATE: I no longer recommend testing at AncestryDNA. Currently, there are severe limitations to the tools they offer and your options for third-party tools are now being limited. Some suggestions in posts may no longer be available for AncestryDNA results. This is too massive and changing too fast for me to update everything at this time.

If you're looking to get more DNA kits for yourself or for a project, this is a great time!

AncestryDNA, direct from, kits on sale for $59 plus shipping (ends Monday, August 26th)
buy from get the same price and FREE shipping (Ancestry's new + Traits option is $69).

MyHeritageDNA, direct from MyHeritage, $59 +shipping OR get free shipping if you order 2+ kits.
buy from, $69 (with a possible $4 coupon for $65) and free shipping.

If you want your kit faster or want the free shipping (it's $10-$12 otherwise!) buy from Ancestry or MyHeritage via Amazon as both companies sell direct (i.e. it is legitimate).

If you want to buy from FamilyTreeDNA do NOT buy from Amazon as they do not sell directly through Amazon and you can't be sure you're getting a legitimate kit.

FamilyTreeDNA has autosomal, YDNA, and myDNA on sale. I'm not listing all the options because there are a lot. You can find all the details on the FamilyTreeDNA website. Their sales end August 31st.

The equivalent test at FamilyTreeDNA, to AncestryDNA and MyHeritageDNA, is the Family Finder. It is on sale for $59 +shipping.

As a reminder, AncestryDNA's kit is a "spit test" whereas MyHeritageDNA and FamilyTreeDNA is a swab test. Anyone can take a swab test but some people have trouble producing enough saliva for the spit test.

However, AncestryDNA has the largest "pool" of test takers and you can NOT transfer your results there but you can transfer to MyHeritageDNA and FamilyTreeDNA. Also, you can actually upgrade your MyHeritageDNA atDNA kit to include YDNA or mtDNA from FamilyTreeDNA (they share a lab making this convenient).

This can all get a little complicated. I have several posts to help you navigate your options.

Each of those also contains links to other related DNA posts you might want to read, depending on your specific needs.

If patching together a free solution to your unique problem isn't working, I offer a one-on-one "done-with-you" service just for this kind of situation. It is much smaller than a full research project and can be used to help you create a unique DNA testing plan or just to help walk you through the options and considerations for your unique situation.

If you're interested, fill out the contact form on my services site to get started. I'll email you back the next time I'm in the office to get you more details and answer any questions you included.

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