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AncestryDNA: Still Looking for Help? Have an iPhone?

I hope DNA day got you excited! DNA is such an amazing tool for genealogy.

But it is also potentially confusing. Most people have so, so, so many pages of matches and no idea how all of them are related.

Recently I was asked to review a new app to help you use your AncestryDNA results and it's finally available to the public and I'm pretty excited to tell you about it!

DNA2Tree is a iOS app (for iPhone / iPad, sorry non-iOS users). It was developed by David Neal who is a Search Angel, that is, a volunteer who helps adoptees use DNA to find their genetic families.

You can imagine the app is aimed at finding an adoptee's family and it is. But I tested it out on something totally different and really loved the results.

If you've got an iOS device and tested at AncestryDNA, this might just be the app for you.

It has worked much faster for clustering than any other tool I've tried and using the clusters is pretty simple (you can click on a cluster to focus on just that cluster).

For more in-depth cluster analysis, I still prefer my method (the 4 Buckets Technique) but I use other clustering tools to make sure I haven't missed anything and as a simpler way to check for updates.

I'll also use other cluster tools as a quick start and obviously, an app that doesn't make me wait for the cluster is going to be my top choice to quickly get started.

As a note, I used the app on an iPad (I don't have an iPhone) and it works really well as far as properly displaying and taking advantage of the larger screen. If you're wondering if you really want to work with your DNA results on a smaller mobile device, this is not a do-it-all app, anyway.

It is one tool you'll use along with separate note-taking and additional analytical tools. For me, this is a way to run some analysis I've previously had to do on my desktop (my laptop is a Chromebook so I can't run Windows programs). I use DNA2Tree on my iPad and if I need a larger screen, I can pull up matches on my Chromebook.

If I really want to use DNA2Tree and all its links without an additional device, I can easily connect my iPad to a TV and I have a keyboard, giving me the largest monitor possible.

DNA and using auto-cluster tools is really popular right now. That doesn't mean you stop being an Occasional Genealogist. I've had issues with being tied to my desktop for some DNA tools, or the wait for auto-cluster results. Neither works with my Occasional Genealogist lifestyle.

DNA2Tree has given me quick results I can get with a mobile device. It may seem trivial, but doing a bit of genetic genealogy while sitting in bed at night is usually the only way I get to work on my own research.

For you, freedom to quickly and easily use a tool may be the only way you get to work on genealogy.

Below is David's press release to give you some more details about the app.

David Neal, DNA Dreamers LLC

DNA2Tree for iPhone and iPad Launched by DNA Dreamers LLC

Lexington, Massachusetts—April 26, 2019— DNA Dreamers LLC today announced the release of DNA2Tree—an app that analyzes your AncestryDNA results to help you build your birth family tree—which is now available in the Apple App Store.

The four main functions of DNA2Tree are:
1) Loads DNA Matches
2) Finds Common Ancestors
3) Analyzes DNA Color Clusters
4) Builds Birth Family Tree

DNA2Tree is especially useful for:
• Adoptees trying to build their birth family tree
• Genealogists trying to fill in gaps in their family tree

DNA2Tree has three subscription options:
• 1 Month for $19.99 (USD)
• 6 Months for $89.99 = $14.99/month
• 12 Months for 119.99 = $9.99/month

Device Requirements:
Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
Requires iOS 11.4 or later.

Pricing and Availability:
DNA2Tree is available now for the Apple App Store. Review copies available upon request.

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