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What to Do While You Wait for DNA Matches to Respond

Are you trying to make progress using your DNA results but aren't sure what to do? This post is for you.

You can try these tips and suggestions to get more from your DNA results. I started this list as part of my post about contacting AncestryDNA matches. These were suggestions of what to do while you wait for a response. You can try these anytime, though.

Sometimes you aren't waiting on a response from a DNA match, sometimes you're waiting for the right DNA match or maybe you just don't have time (or the know-how) to do something more involved. These are simple but productive suggestions.
Quick DNA Tasks for Genealogists

Quick and Easy DNA Tasks for Genealogists

Why is AncestryDNA Different?

Is AncestryDNA different? Why are DNA results different from one company versus another? Why are ethnicity results different at every company?

I'm not going to address why results (ethnicity or genealogical) are different in this post. I will say they are different and that doesn't make them wrong. If that's what you're looking for, read this post about why your DNA results are not wrong (even if they are different at different companies).

I am going to talk about why using your DNA results (not ethnicity results) is different at AncestryDNA. This is a topic I've gone on tangents on in other posts so I've realized I just need to write a post I can refer to when appropriate.
What is AncestryDNA Different?

Why is AncestryDNA Different?

Contacting AncestryDNA Matches: Do It Right

I'm thinking about renaming this post, "Contacting AncestryDNA Matches: Do It Now!"

It is going to take you longer to read this post than it will take to contact SEVERAL matches after you implement my suggestion(s).

So what's stopping you?  Maybe it's because...

Contacting DNA matches can seem intimidating.

It might be because you have so many, or maybe you just don't like contacting people out of the blue. It doesn't matter why, having a plan (and preferably a template) makes it much easier.

In this post, I'm going to help you craft an email template specifically to use at AncestryDNA.

Contacting AncestryDNA Matches

Contacting AncestryDNA Matches: Do It Right

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