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Make the Most of Back to Genealogy Season

Five ways to make this your best back to genealogy season, ever.

Not surprisingly, back to school season is also back to genealogy season. I'm sure it has to do with all those years we all spent going back to school in the fall. And also like back to school season, you can follow some best practices to make the most of back to genealogy season.

Here are five ways to start the genealogy season "right."
Make the most of back to genealogy season | The Occasional Genealogist

The 3 Ps of Genetic Genealogy

Want to use DNA for genealogy success? You'll need these three easy peasy, I mean three easy Ps.

This week I was reminded of some basics of genetic genealogy (that's using DNA for family history). Not basics like what a centimorgan is (cM, that's a unit of measurement) or how much DNA you should expect to share with a 2nd cousin (3.125% or about 212 cMs).

No, real basics, like how to get an unwilling relative to spit for you.

It doesn't get any more basic than getting someone to take a DNA test!

After all, it doesn't matter how many basic facts you know if you have no tests to use.

Turns out the basics of getting people to take a test for you can be condensed down to 3 Ps (hmmm, that sounds familiar somehow). Here are my 3 Ps of Genetic Genealogy.

How to Create an Email Template

Email templates are easy. Stop writing the same email to your DNA matches over and over again, create a simple template.

Creating an email template is much easier than it sounds. You may think you have to figure out technical details specific to your email program, but you don't (although for some programs, you could). Let's look at how easy it is to create an email template as well as some common reasons a genealogist might want to create one.

Make an Email Template

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