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How to Do Genetic Genealogy on the Cheap

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I know I just wrote about DNA (I'm trying to save you some money while kits are on sale!) but I just found an even cheaper way to get into genetic genealogy and it doesn't involve products that fell off the back of a van or selling vital organs. It's totally legit.

This is the cheapest way I 've found to get a DNA test, consistently. You might find a better deal from a Groupon or through GiltCity (or similar sites) but this is an option any time you suddenly NEED to jump into genetic genealogy.
DNA tests get expensive when you want to test every cousin. Save on the kits so you can test more relatives!

Cheap DNA Tests for Genealogy

Interested in DNA for genealogy?

I love using DNA for genealogy. That means I talk to a lot of people about DNA, whether they are "genealogists" or not. One thing I constantly tell people is DNA tests go on sale regularly. And right now (see update below for when is "now") is one of those sales. And this is a pretty big sale because all three types of tests are on sale at FamilyTreeDNA. (and yes, you are going to find affiliate links in this post!)

[UPDATE: This post is now updated for holiday 2017 sales. Tests do go on sale regularly so I'm leaving the bulk of the post here, as-is, for your reference.]
Do you know where to buy a DNA test for family history? That's a pretty basic first step. Here's my advice on getting started with a DNA test for genealogy. | The Occasional Genealogist

I personally recommend FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) as my top recommendation because they offer all three types of DNA tests. This includes the current most popular type, autosomal DNA, called the "FamilyFinder" at FTDNA (this is the only type of test sold by AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, and is the genealogical component of the tests from 23andMe).

FTDNA also offers YDNA and mtDNA tests. It gets expensive to do all three or even two BUT...

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