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Cemetery Photography: The Best Supplies

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Supplies for an Awesome Cemetery Photography Kit

Get your cemetery photography kit together for genealogy spring break!

How do you take great photos in the cemetery?

Always Be Prepared, even if you're an Occasional Genealogist!

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Today is the anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America. By chance I have a post ready that's all about being prepared. No really, it's by chance.

This post suggests a system I've been thinking about. I haven't implemented it, yet. It'll take some planning on my part to get it to become reality. I do intend to share it.
Be ready to research next time you have free time!

I've been wanting to share this idea but was originally planning to implement it, first. Since I haven't done that, I'd love for you to leave a comment with ideas or questions (or you can email me). I think this idea could be a game-changer for many Occasional Genealogists (I hope it is for me).

Evaluating Evidence: Books

How do you know a genealogy source is correct? You have to learn to evaluate your evidence. It's not as easy as "this is a good source." But it's not rocket science either!

This post will help you get started evaluating evidence and determining if the information you're using is quality information. It'll do that by using books (real paper books and ebooks) as a detailed example. Books are an easy starting place to learn this skill and an often overlooked beginner's starting place in this digital world.

Determining if genealogy information is right involves learning the tested process of evaluating evidence. This post will:
  • Give you resources to learn the standard for genealogy research.
  • Explain the basic differences between asking "is this source right" and evaluating evidence.
  • Explain how to evaluate evidence found in books, an easy starting place to practice your new skill!
image with text, quote is this source correct, unquote, learn to evaluate evidence

I'm going to start by explaining why you should be using books in genealogy research. That includes why some people turn their nose up at them. This is directly related to evidence evaluation so it's an easy to understand place to start, plus potentially exposes you to sources you haven't considered, yet.

The #1 Tip to Help Anyone Use Evernote and Be More Productive

This post is a bit different because it's not genealogy specific (so if you got here and aren't interested in genealogy, no problem). Anything that can save you time is related to being an Occasional Genealogist which is why I'm including it.

Using Evernote to be more productive is great. But how do you start?

I've heard this tip many times and didn't use it until I saw how it would help me and fit in my organizing system.

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