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Free Civil War Records and Tips for Finding State Pensions

This morning I read in Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter about FamilySearch's new Civil War record releases. I'm always excited about more records (or even indices) coming online, but for me, the big news may be the new landing page.

This page is a listing of free online Civil War Era records (so Federal and State Census records are included as well as Freedmen's Bureau records). These are just the records provided free through FamilySearch, though. Previously, it's been time-consuming to review FamilySearch for Civil War records. This makes it much easier. However, you do need to realize these are just from FamilySearch. The list is so long; you might think it is comprehensive.

Evernote for Research Planning: Beyond Just "Plans"

One of my most popular posts is for my Evernote Research Plan with Analysis form. A research planning form in Evernote is great, but there is so much more you can do with Evernote to help with research planning.

Today I'll cover my two favorite ways to use Evernote for research planning. Neither involves creating a plan!

Use Evernote for genealogy to have all your ideas ready when it's time to create a genealogy research plan.

Evernote for Genealogy: Beyond Research Plans

Is Your Genealogy Knowledge "Fuzzy?"

My last post was over a week ago. In the meantime, I have been in sunny Florida attending and lecturing at the 2016 NGS Conference in the States.

It was a great conference, and one of the lectures in particular resonated with me.

Not by chance, it was related to my last post about goal setting.

Does This Ever Happen To You?

Every so often I need a "refresher" on certain topics. You probably get the same kind of feeling. Do you listen to it? Do you answer?
image of a book with glasses on it, half of image is out of focus, text overlay Is Your Genealogy Knowledge Fuzzy?

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