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Evernote for Travel

It seemed redundant to write an article about using Evernote for Travel from scratch because it doesn't matter if you are travelling for genealogy or any other reason, the basics are pretty much the same. If you've read some of my other articles, you also know I'm a big fan of "everyone does it differently" so I decided I could best address those differences by seeking out advice from different sources. This will give you some variety without me "imagining" how someone else might do something.

I want to start out with a link to a very quick post from the Evernote Blog, "5 Ways to Plan a Better Trip with Evernote." This isn't in-depth, but it is pretty much exactly the five "planning" tips I'd give you for travel or research planning. The Evernote Blog has links to more information on using Evernote, which is helpful if you aren't familiar with one of the steps. Also on Evernote's Blog is "Travel Series: Planning a Trip with Evernote" which is more in-depth and contains more links to related blog posts.

Linked from the "5 Ways" post is an article from Apartment Therapy, which is a response to the "5 Ways" post and gives you some more ideas (for some of that variety). That article is "6 Tips for Planning a Perfect Trip Using Evernote."

One problem I've found with finding articles about using Evernote for Travel is some of them reference discontinued Evernote products such as Skitch and Evernote Food. FYI, I don't know the specifications for all the different Evernote products so "discontinued" may not be a perfectly accurate term for all of them. Some still work but aren't supported, and some may still be supported on select devices. If you are using an Evernote product that is no longer fully supported, keep using it. Just look into what will eventually happen or if there are plans to discontinue it completely.

A post with a good number of ideas is "Using Evernote for Travel." This is an older article (2013), some changes might negate or alter some of these suggestions. Many of the "discontinued" products were rolled into Evernote for their primary features so just because a suggestion mentions a specific product, you may be able to do what is suggested directly in Evernote. Planning a trip is usually fun, so it's a good way to become more familiar with Evernote.

As I've already said, many of these ideas also apply to research planning. And I do mean research planning, not planning a research trip (which travel planning obviously applies to). I'll be writing more about Evernote and research planning, later. In the meantime, if you're reading about travel planning, think about how the steps for planning a trip are similar to planning research.

If you are an Occasional Genealogist, you may find it difficult to find time to create a research plan in the "normal" way. This would be defining a goal and then creating the plan to achieve that goal (often done in one sitting).

It is essential you define a specific goal, but there's no reason you can't gather potential resources when you see them. Evernote allows you to organize them so you can find them based on different needs. This will make research planning much faster. It is the same way it can make your travel planning easier by allowing trip related items to be quickly pulled up.

Evernote is a great tool to use for travel planning. It allows you to gather information needed to plan a trip. It makes it quick to pull up what you need during the trip. It is also great for integrating resources you re-use for different trips. Many of the concepts will also apply to areas of genealogy such as research planning. If you've struggled to use Evernote for genealogy but love the idea, maybe using it for planning a trip will give you the experience you need.

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