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NGS announces details of conference "Live Stream" plus more off-site options

If you're an NGS member, you should have gotten an email about the "Live Stream" registration opening for the NGS Conference coming up in Raleigh in less than a month.

If you're not an NGS member, why aren't you? It's one of the most value-packed "things" you will pay for in genealogy. But I bet you'd like to hear about the live streaming details that weren't emailed directly to you.

NGS 2017 live stream and audio packages announced.

This year there are 10 lectures being streamed live. These are divided into two tracks of five lectures each. One track is about DNA and the other is the BCG Skillbuilding track.

You can think of the latter like a selection of core (or backbone) skills that might be more advanced than your core beginner skills (it depends on what you think of as beginner skills!). Since we don't have good descriptions of "beginner," "intermediate," and "advanced" in genealogy, it's hard for me to label the level of the BCG track. I'll say this instead, these are the lectures I often attend a second, third, or more time.

Even if you decide you aren't interested in the live stream, take a look at the five lectures in the BCG track and ask yourself how familiar you are with each topic. If you don't want to take advantage of the live stream (or just live, if you attend the conference) you should be seeking out education about these topics.

Only the 10 topics in the live stream will be available with video (there are over 150 audio recorded lectures you will be able to purchase, though). Obviously, the conference planners considered these 10 lectures a good choice for the vast majority of genealogists. Take advantage of their planning even if you can't take advantage of the live stream by using the tracks as a blueprint for starting your own education plan.

Don't forget, there is an education plan template available in the Resource Library, sign-up for free access, here.

Here is the link to learn more about the live streaming package.

There are four more packages to choose from if you want to learn from this year's NGS Conference lectures but can't attend. These are different options than have been offered in the past so take a look.

A great addition this year, the packages include the conference syllabus. These have always been available for purchase (until copies ran out) but this is the first time I've seen them included with recordings.

You can also purchase individual lectures (and check for lectures from past conferences, too).

You'll notice for all the options, there is an NGS discount. That's just one of the benefits of NGS membership. Since we're talking about education, the number one reason you should join NGS is to get the NGSQ, the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. It is one of the top peer-reviewed journals in the genealogy field.

You should read it. It doesn't matter the people aren't your ancestors, you can learn from what others have done (more on this in another post).

To wrap this post up, you can learn more about the conference in Raleigh, here. If you are attending and/or planning on purchasing audio recordings, realize, not every lecture is recorded. Each speaker is given the choice whether to allow this and why they don't, varies.

I am giving two lectures at NGS this spring. One is being recorded, the other is not. I don't mind having my lectures recorded. I love purchasing lectures to listen to at my convenience so I want to give others that option with my lectures.

However, I released I wouldn't want to HEAR my lecture "Your Portable, Sortable Research Log." It just really demands you SEE the screen. I always do as much of it live in Excel as I can but even if I can't, you need to see the slides.

I hope the lecture that is being recorded, "Clueless? Mabe Not" will do well as an audio recording. I may have to listen to it myself (I hate listening to my lectures!) and see if I need to provide some links to the documents mentioned, though, to make it easier to follow along. It was originally a hands-on lecture and involved at least a dozen pages of hand-out. You're limited in the number of pages for a syllabus so I'll have to consider what's really essential.

This lecture also has it's own Instagram hashtag #cluelessgenealogy. If you're on Instagram, check it out. I'll be adding more as we get closer to the conference, but also afterward (because that's when the attendees will know to check for the hashtag!).

Consider taking advantage of one of the options to learn from the NGS Conference. Your choices start at $12 for one audio recording (if you're an NGS member). Taking a look at the variety of lecture topics can even help you design your own education plan, if nothing else.

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