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Celebrate Being an Occasional Genealogist, Today!

I love technology. I was on public transportation today which means I had some free time to do a bit of reading. I did my reading on my phone, that would be the technology aspect. I got to catch up on some "current" information. And today, that's lucky for you, too! I think you should check out some of the posts I read.

With the marvels of modern technology, I was notified the Legal Genealogist had a new DNA related post. Every Sunday she has a DNA related post but apparently something went wrong and it didn't post on time. Lucky me! That's the only reason I happened to catch the notice (with Facebook's inexplicable algorithms deciding what I will actually see).

I want to point out this post for Occasional Genealogists because it's a light post, not heavy knowledge or in-depth information. Just a few bits of DNA news you should hear about if you're interested in DNA.

Judy (The Legal Genealogist) will tell you quickly about the sale on DNA from FamilyTreeDNA (check it out, it's awesome!), the new DNA service from MyHeritage, and a "fun" new development in the MyOrigins from FamilyTreeDNA.

While I was getting the link I see today's post is something I wanted to tell you about (and did mention in my budgeting series) but I haven't really been sure I wanted to write a full post about. I like just providing this simple link for you to learn about the "other" free, online records from FamilySearch. Now I can feel good you know about this option and how to take advantage of it.

And that brings me right back around to how much I love technology. When I started in genealogy, online research didn't exist. "Online" didn't really exist (it did exist but many people didn't know about it).

Even once many people knew about the Internet, "online research" was a joke. You couldn't do "real" research online. It's so different now.

You can now be an Occasional Genealogist. You don't need tons of time to visit repositories. In the past, I think occasional genealogy was because you wrote away for records and didn't do any genealogy until a response came. Not really in your control.

So today, revel in "modern" genealogy. We have the ability to catch-up whenever we have a bit of downtime. We can use DNA to help with what might have been a nearly impossible problem in the past. We have more and more "real" records online, every day. Today you can do genealogy, even if you only occasionally have time.

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