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Time-saving Thursday: Where to Go for More Tips

Time-saving Tips for Occasional Genealogists
In a previous Time-saving Thursday post, I mentioned some posts would be genealogy related and some not. I'm always looking for ways to save time. One of my favorite ways to find a variety of tips, suggestions, and ideas is Pinterest. I've collected some of my favorite personal Pins onto a "Time-saving Thursday Tips" board. You knew The Occasional Genealogist (OG) had a Pinterest account, right? You didn't! You can check out all the OG boards, here.

All of the boards are always a work in progress (if you aren't familiar with Pinterest). You can leave a comment below if you have suggestions for the types of pins you'd like to see on any of the boards. I've found many of the actual research sites make it really hard to pin. They just don't have their images, even the "advertising" ones, set-up for pinning--that's obviously not their purpose. You may be looking for some genealogical pinspiration and can't find it for that reason. I'm always interested in what OGs are looking for.

Since Pins don't leave a lot of room for explanations, I wanted to provide a little extra explanation of what you can expect to find on the Time-saving board.


This will be the main place I share recipes. Sometimes I might write a post featuring several linked recipes but for the most part, I'm not creating recipes, so they don't warrant a full post. However, you have to eat every day. Saving time in the kitchen can be major savings. This will mostly be a mix of my favorite recipes that somehow save time (slow cooker, freezable, bulk, or just quick).

There may also be some recipes-to-go. Since I work from home, I don't normally have to pack a lunch. When I do, it's not always pretty (or healthy!). I waste too much time fumbling around the kitchen trying to pack a lunch when I'm not prepared.

Also, packing a lunch when you're going to a repository is sometimes a must but will definitely save you time. Don't waste your precious research time leaving the repository to eat, especially somewhere like McDonalds--or whatever you could go from home (I have to confess here, I sometimes intentionally plan to visit a local restaurant for lunch. I'm on a life journey of trying as many chicken salad sandwiches as possible. It does have to be a local restaurant, though).

FYI, I've tried most of these recipes, but a few just look like a good idea.

As a final note on the recipes, I love to eat. That means I have to be careful what I'm eating because eating less just doesn't work for me (trust me, that's the first thing I figured out on WeightWatchers several years ago). I've tossed in some of my favorite light or lightened up recipes that are still pretty simple. Some of the recipes, like "Ultimate Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes" are very similar to many pins but are a lighter recipe.


Some pins are how to use something. These are quintessential "Pins." You get the whole idea just from the photo. The time-savings I see here is how the use keeps you from hunting for something. It's organizing, but it's really simple organizing. There may also be "uses" that will save you time cleaning. I love the one about using plastic tubing for the gap between the counter and an appliance. I've done this for both ends of our counter, one by the fridge and the other by the double ovens. It really works and is so simple.


There are also Pins related to more systematic organizing. I've included a variety. Some are cleaning related; some are planning related. My favorites of these are the two menu planner ones (here and here). However, I've now incorporated my menu planning into my planner (see this Time-saving Thursday about planners) so I'm still deciding how I want to adapt this. The initial tweak I made to the suggestions was getting a cheap, small, soft-sided photo album at Wal-Mart. It holds a half sheet of letter paper. This fit in my purse, unlike a 3-ring binder.

So that's a quick introduction to the "Time-saving Thursday Tips" board on Pinterest. On Monday, there will be a bonus post featuring some of my favorite recipes.

Once again, check out all of The OG boards on Pinterest and leave a comment if you have suggestions for types of pins you'd like to see.

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