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Try-it Tuesday: Quick Suggestions for OGs and other genealogists

Try-it Tuesdays: Helpful links from
It's time for the first Try-it Tuesday. You won't earn a cute little triangle patch like you did in Brownies but you may find some great suggestions. Try-it Tuesdays will probably all be genealogy related (unlike some of my plans for "Timesaving Thursdays"). However, they may not all be right for Occasional Genealogists (OGs). I have an idea in my mind about the type of genealogist I'd call an Occasional Genealogist. Your idea might differ. Try-it Tuesdays add a little variety to the suggestions to try and help some readers that might not be what I think of as an OG. Try-it Tuesdays also provide some subjects that I might not think of when envisioning an OG.

DearMYRTLE's "FINALLY Get Organized!" Challenge for 2016

For this first Try-it Tuesday, I'm suggesting you check out DearMYRTLE's "FINALLY Get Organized!" challenge. I think this requires more time than an OG has. However, you may be one of those OGs who has free time but not access to records for research. Organizing your genealogy is probably the best way to spend time "doing genealogy" when you can't research. You have to be able to find your existing research to do anything with it, after all. Once it's organized you can jump right into writing, correlating, and/or analyzing when you can't research (psst, you need to do all three of those things, anyway).
  In addition to the general benefits of getting your genealogy organized, Myrt has a very different view on organizing her genealogy information than I do. Her reasoning is very methodical and sound, though. You might love her ideas, many do. You may also find you're somewhere between my organizing philosophy and hers. A variety of resources can help you customize your system to work for you. That's what's most important.
"FINALLY Get Organized" is just kicking off with this new year (2016). You can read some of Myrt's posts from 2009 if you want a bit of a preview about her checklists and her organizing ideas. As she's pointed out in recent posts, she's updating for 2016.

FYI, I'm not planning on every Tuesday being Try-it Tuesday. If you have a link you'd like to suggest for future Try-it Tuesdays, you can comment or send me an email. If you're suggesting something you've written, I'd appreciate an email with some additional details about why you think it's appropriate for "The Occasional Genealogist."

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