25 April 2017

The FREE DNA Tool You Need to Know

Happy DNA Day!

Are you interested in genetic genealogy? That’s genealogy using DNA testing. There is a great free tool you need to make sure you’re using.
The Free DNA Tool You Need to Know | The Occasional Genealogist

Before I launch into this post, let me lay the foundation for it. These are the basics many of you may understand, but if you don't, this post won't make sense (or won't be actionable).

I am assuming you have taken a DNA test. Alternatively, you might be considering taking one. What's important is, this is a tool you use on your results. This isn't a company to purchase a test from.

This tool is for autosomal DNA (atDNA). This is the type of DNA test sold by AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA, and 23 and Me. FamilyTreeDNA calls this their "Family Finder" test. There are some additional companies that also offer this type of test. Today, this is the most common type of DNA test taken for genealogy so there's a good chance it's what you have taken.

I have two primary goals for writing this post.
  • Make you aware of this free tool and why you should use it.
  • For current users of this tool, give you more ways to encourage your matches to use this tool.
24 April 2017

NGS Conference App +prep and planning

This just in...

The 2017 NGS Conference app is now available.
You can see details at, http://upfront.ngsgenealogy.org/2017/04/mobile-conference-app-now-available-for.html.

I'm posting not just to make sure you know this (if you're attending the conference) but for an additional reason.
21 April 2017

How to Save Money on Your Genealogy Subscriptions

There is really only one way to save big bucks on your genealogy subscription(s).

To get BIG savings you have to apply this method. It is a guaranteed method and probably the best way to also do high-quality research. The great thing is, even if you mess up, it can still save you money, there aren't any complicated coupons or special websites to visit.

How to save money on your genealogy subscriptions from The Occasional Genealogist.

Late April 2017 Update


Next week is a busy week in the genealogy world!
DNA Day sales, NGS Conference registration, Earth Day for genealogists | The Occasional Genealogist

DNA Day is April 25th. Why do you care? SALES! If you've put off buying a DNA test, this is THE time to do it. Choose whichever testing company you want, they probably have a sale.

I love FamilyTreeDNA because of their tools, prices, and you can get all three types of tests (at, mt, and Y). Here are their main three sale prices, there are additional items on sale, mainly related to Y-DNA tests.

Family Finder (atDNA---autosomal, this is the type of test from AncestryDNA and other genealogy DNA companies, for male and female testees)
normally $79 sale $59

mtDNA full sequence (mother's line, for male and female testees)
normally $199 sale $149

Y-DNA, 37 markers (father's line, for male testees, only; more marker tests are also on sale)
normally $169 sale $129

Find out about all your DNA testing options at FamilyTreeDNA

Join us in Raleigh, NC May 10-13, 2017 for the NGS Conference! |The Occasional Genealogist

You've got one week left to pre-register for the upcoming NGS Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, May 10-13, 2017!

This applies to registration for on-site events. If you can't join us in Raleigh, there are also live-streaming and recorded options so you can still learn from some of the amazing lectures being offered.

Check out this post for more details about recorded options, learn more about the conference in general, here.

Before the other events, Saturday is Earth Day. Last year I wrote a series of posts just for the occasion. You can check them out with the following links.

    18 April 2017

    NGS announces details of conference "Live Stream" plus more off-site options

    If you're an NGS member, you should have gotten an email about the "Live Stream" registration opening for the NGS Conference coming up in Raleigh in less than a month.

    If you're not an NGS member, why aren't you? It's one of the most value-packed "things" you will pay for in genealogy. But I bet you'd like to hear about the live streaming details that weren't emailed directly to you.

    NGS 2017 live stream and audio packages announced.

    This year there are 10 lectures being streamed live. These are divided into two tracks of five lectures each. One track is about DNA and the other is the BCG Skillbuilding track.